Welcome to our new and returning Arioso students!

Great sight-reading and terrific first rehearsal today! See below for your homework assignments.

Class Homework:

Review all of your required Arioso scales: G, A-flat, A, B-flat, C, D, E-flat, E, F

Click on the titles of pieces below to listen to the arrangements.

Dvorak Bagatelle

Ravel Enchanted Garden

Beethoven, Finale from Symphony No. 5: Review measures 1 through 59 today. Let’s continue to try for quarter note at 110 to 120. Subdivide duples or triplets in your mind as you play. Nice work on measures 60 to 80. Keep working on learning notes through measure 126.

Here are the September 11 notes from Mrs. Foltz.

Before you know it we will be on Christmas music, so practice well in order to learn our MPA well.

Theory homework:

Arioso A: All for Strings Book 2, pages 2-3

Arioso B: Theory Time MS/HS 1B, Lessons 3-4 ane Lesson 5

Arioso C: Theory Time MS/HS 2B, Lesson 3

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