Great job to all in class today! We worked hard on scales and Thrumpton Threadwell Morris Dance! Remember our talk on kindness today. Think of ways you can be kind to your fellow orchestral musicians each week.

Review your 1-octave D major scale and arpeggio.
Review your 1-octave G major scale and arpeggio.

Violin Challenge: Can you play a 2-octave G major scale with “low 2 on the A and E strings”?
Viola and Cello Challenge: Can you play a 2-octave G major scale with a shift?

Uni-Tunes book: Practice all of the exercises on page 6.
(No writing in the Uni-Tunes book. Keep it clean to practice reading!)

Thrumpton Threadwell Morris Dance:
Review your notes measures 1 through 26.
Start learning through measure 40. Violin 1: Move into 1/2 position to play the A-sharp. Then place a second finger on the B.

String Explosion:
Review your notes in measures 1 through 24. Watch out for low 2s violins! And 2s for cello!
Continue learning notes to the end! We will work more on the second half next week!

Watch this video of our piece being played by 270 people! Wow! Would you ever want to play in an orchestra with 270 players?

Theory homework

Accelerando A: Clefs and Drawing notes with stems

Accelerando B: All for Strings Book 1, pages 2-3

Accelerando C: Theory Time Fifth, Lessons 1-2

You need a Uni-Tunes book for your respective instrument:

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