Nice work today! It was great to have a full house!

Here are the words to our new song, the Violin String Song:
Eeek, eeek, eek, all the little
Ants, ants, ants, they are going
Down, down, down, down into the
Ground, ground, ground!

See the homework below.

  • Review rhythm sheets (clapping)
  • Review violin care
  • Rest position (being still) and song
  • Violin hand and bow hand game
  • Bow “bunny” on a pencil. Can you make 10 great bow holds a day? Shake your hand out between each one!
  • Moving from rest position to playing position
  • Bow Song (End with “Don’t touch the bow hair!!”)
  • Violin string song (see words above)
  • Rhythms on the arm. Scrub your arm! Practice opening and closing the elbow while rubbing the arm.
  • Try playing all of the rhythms on the E string with the bow! (Parents pull the bow at a right angle to help students feel what it feels like.)

Theory homework: Fish coloring sheet

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