Good work today with working hard and listening well! Let’s keep listening well. Listen while the teacher talks or demonstrates. Wait to play your violin until you have been asked. Then stop with everyone else. Thank you for doing your best today and working hard. We want to have fun and we need everyone listening!

Review violin balance, bow hold, and clapping rhythms.
Review Pickle song and Monkey song
Sing Twinkle Bread and Twinkle Peanut Butter.
Play Twinkle Bread and Twinkle Peanut Butter with a parent helper! Can you play two a day?
Start working on ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.
Skills to tackle:
E-string tremolo for the mouse!
Sugar Plum Fairy lullaby:
2 2 A__ 2 2 A__ 2 A 3_ 2__ 1 1_ A__
Click here if you want to download the complete Preludio ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.

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