Good work on getting through We Three Kings, Little Drummer Boy, and Gaelic Trilogy today!

This week you have theory homework again. See below for more details!

Class Homework:

Review Sinfonia Allegro scales! G, A, B-flat, C, D, F

Little Drummer Boy: There is no recording of the full orchestra arrangement on the internet. We will have to make our own! Well done on the beginning through the end of section B. Let’s move forward and learn section C as well as the first 12 measures of section D this week!

We Three Kings Rule: Learn measures 1 through 59.

Gaelic Trilogy: Listen to the recording with your part! Review measures 1 through 44. Practice keeping a steady beat even when the rhythms change. You can do this by tapping your foot or hand and singing the rhythms, practicing with a metronome at a slow tempo, or counting with subdivision before you play. Move forward and start learning measures 45 to 69. Cellos: play cue notes.

El Toro: Learn measures 1 through 55.

Theory Homework:

Sinfonia Allegro A: All for Strings Theory Book 1, page 2-3

Sinfonia Allegro C: Theory Time, Sixth, Lessons 1-2

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