Good work on working so hard today! We have a NEW February Practice Challenge! Students need to find a practice partner from class and tell Miss Joanna who their Practice Partner is next week. Color in the boxes when you complete the activity! If finished and turned in during the month of February, you will be awarded 25 practice points! Write your name on your paper!

Scales and Arpeggios to practice:
D major – 1 octave – scale and arpeggio
G major – 2 octaves – scale and arpeggio
C major – 1 octave – scale and arpeggio (Cellos and Violas: You can practice 2 octaves!)

UniTunes: Starting reading the first page in C major!

Click the titles below to listen to our music:
Amazing Grace (Cameron Law)
Listen to the recording! Learn measures 1 through 54.
Violins/Violas: Focus especially on learning your notes in mm. 48 to 54.
Violins/Violas: Play with space between your notes at rehearsal letter B.

There Once was a Folk Song (Helen Butterworth)–no recording available–good reading practice!
Well done today!
Review measures 1 through 20.
Learn measures 21-40.

Secret Agent (Kathryn Griesinger)
Listen to the recording.
Review measures 1 through 16.
Learn measures 17-30.
Focus on small spots that need attention and work on them over and over!

Hey Fiddle Fiddle (Brian Balmages)
Listen to the recording.
Review measures 1 through 16.
Learn measures 17-32.

Here is our Accelerando Seating Chart for the semester so that our violins know what music to print! Check it carefully so that you print the correct violin 1 or violin 2 parts for your student! Each violinist should have two violin 1 parts and two violin 2 parts.

Theory homework
Accelerando A: Drawing Sharps and Flats
Accelerando B: All for Strings Book 1, pages 16-17

For best printing results, click on the Homework date title at the top of the page to bring up the Homework post by itself. Then click this print button for a printer-friendly version.