Great sight-reading this week. Looking forward to seeing you Friday for our pre-MPA Concert. Wear all black and bring your stand if you have a sturdy one! See the details below!

Pre-MPA Concert
Friday, February 7, 3:00 pm
Maguire Center of Westminster Oaks

Friday or Saturday, February 21-22
Leon High School
(Our days/times will be announced as we move closer.)

Dvorak Bagatelle
Continue to check tempo with a metronome.
Nice work on m. 20; retain this for Friday 🙂
Triplets are much improved, stay vigilant about the rhythms mm. 23-33
Intonation, especially m.23-40
Caution! 🙂 Watch like a hawk leading up to, during, and after m. 39
Great strong ending!

Ravel Enchanted Garden
Opening, remember fps, get back to p
Be careful to play all staccato-note articulations, as we rehearsed today
Be aware of balance and blend within your section
Be ready for the D.S. Prepare, watch, etc… Good job watching to get back together after timing got “off” after the D.S. in rehearsal today. Please practice taking the D.S.

Both tunes, continue to refine any personal “trouble spots”

Beethoven, Finale from Symphony No. 5
First Violins: Review counting in mm. 60-68. Count aloud. Check intonation.
All: Continue practicing with metronome. Stay steady on the transitions (mm. 36-41 and mm. 98-104)
Memorize transition into Presto (m. 127) so that you can look up for the accelerando.
Lots of vibrato on the chords!
Practice with metronome ALL of the time. We need to stay steady. 

Theory homework:
Arioso A: All for Strings Book 2, pp. 16-17
Arioso B: MS HS 2A, Lessons 9-10
Arioso C
MS HS 2B, Lesson 12 and Lessons 13-14 (VIOLIN)
MS HS 2B, Lesson 12 and Lessons 13-14 (VIOLA)
MS HS 2B, Lesson 12 and Lessons 13-14 (CELLO)
Arioso D: MS HS 3A, Lesson 12
Arioso E: MS HS 3B, Lesson 12 and Lesson 13

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