Sinfonia Allegro students have a NEW Sinfonia Allegro February Practice Challenge! Students were given this sheet today, but please download it if you need another copy.
1) Write the student’s name on the sheet.
2) Ask a friend from class if you can be their practice partner! (Tell Miss Joanna who it is by next week)
3) Complete assignments and color in the boxes as you complete them.
4) If you finish your sheet and turn it in before February is over, you will receive 25 extra practice points!

Sharks of Seville (Rossini/Monday)
Continue reviewing mm. 1-44.

Nordic Lullaby (Grieg/La Plante)
Keep working on your parts and be ready to work through measure 22 next week.

Beethoven Symphony No. 5–Allegro (arr. Hoffman)
WAY TO GO on playing through measures 1 through 30 today!

Practice Assignments:
1) Listen to the recording!

2) Practice saying YOUR part with the recording using your rhythm syllable! (Violin 1: ta; Violin 2: te; Viola: ti; Cello: toe; Bass: too)
Violin 2 and Viola: Count carefully in measures 6 and 7. Listen to a recording. Remember the first violins play TWO statements of our motive before you come in again.

3) Practice a C major scale with Beethoven bowing pattern:
a) Place your bow at the balance point.
b) Play: Up – Down – Up – Down______
c) Retake and set the bow back to the balance point.
d) Next note: Up – Down – Up – Down______
e) Retake and set the bow back to the balance point.
f) Continue through the rest of the scale. Watch your bowings.

4) Students were all given the first two pages of the Beethoven score today. Print one if your student did not come home with one. Study the score for the opening motive (three eighth notes and a long note: da da da daaaaaah). Use colored pencils or crayons (no markers) and do the following activity. On the score, all of the parts are stacked on top of each other in the following order from top to bottom: Violin 1–Violin 2–Viola–Cello–Bass. Bring it to class complete next week!
a) Write your name on the paper.
b) Color BLUE when the first violins play the Beethoven motive.
c) Color YELLOW when the second violins play the Beethoven motive.
d) Color PURPLE when the violas play the Beethoven motive.
e) Color GREEN when the cellos play the Beethoven motive.
f) Color RED when the bass plays the Beethoven motive.
g) Listen to the beginning of the recording with your colored score. When do all of the instruments play the motive together? When do they play it alone? Do they ever play it in groups or pairs?

5) Review measures 1-30. Know how to play ALL of your notes well and in tune.

6) Begin learning measures 31-47.

Avengers Main Theme (Silvestri/Moore)
Measures 1 through 39. Cello and Bass, work on bowings measures 9 through 12. Violins, keep track of the beats measures 9 through 12. Clear rests and rhythms in the repeated patterns at the beginning.

Here is our Sinfonia Allegro Seating Chart for 2020. It includes both seating diagrams on one page! Check carefully to make sure that you print the correct music for your violinists who switch parts halfway through the concert!

Theory Homework
Sinfonia Allegro A: All for Strings Book 1, pages 16-17
Sinfonia Allegro B: Theory Time Fifth, Lesson 16
Sinfonia Allegro C: Theory Time Sixth, Lessons 17-18

For best printing results, click on the Homework date title at the top of the page to bring up the Homework post by itself. Then click this print button for a printer-friendly version.