Awesome job at our pre-MPA Concert on Friday. You all played so well! Let’s keep working so that we can give our very best at MPA in 1.5 weeks!

Saturday, February 22
Leon High School

9:15 am: Arrive at Leon HS
9:45 am: Warm-up Room
10:15 am: Performance on Leon HS Stage
10:45 am: Sight-reading Room
11:30 am: Dismissed

Click here to download Mrs. Foltz’s notes from 2/14/2020.

Dvorak Bagatelle

Ravel Enchanted Garden

Beethoven, Finale from Symphony No. 5
Continue to practice with metronome.
First Violins: Tune the following spots very carefully: mm. 12-18; mm. 61-67; mm. 92-98.
All: Stay steady and subdivide at transitions, such as mm. 22-24 and 102-104
All: Vibrate like crazy on the chords!!
All: More dynamic contrasts!

Theory homework:
Arioso A: off week
Arioso B: off week
Arioso C: off week
Arioso D: off week
Arioso E: off week

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