Click here to access the THSO Dropbox with recordings of Ninja! Click Da Capo Strings to access the recordings!

NEW this week: Make your Virtual recording! DUE by Wednesday, May 6.

(1) Tune your violin thoroughly before recording
(2) Dress nicely
(3) Make sure the backing track is in your ears (so that it is not picked up by the recording)
(4) Practice several times with the backing track in your ears
(5) Be willing to record a few times and send Miss Joanna your best one!

Find backing tracks in the THSO Dropbox.

E-mail your video to or upload it to the THSO Google Drive here.

NinjaLearn all!
Click here to access a recording of Ninja!

Essential Elements Book 1–Ode to Joy: Try going faster!
Essential Elements Book 1–Can Can

Theory homework: Sharps and Flats

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