We were able to get through so many of our pieces today! Nice work!

NEW this week: Be thinking about what two pieces you want to play for our Virtual Recital on May 20. If you know already, have Mom or Dad send me an e-mail letting me know!

Check out our THSO Dropbox to play along with the piano on some of our pieces!

Aim to play 2 of these each day:
PLAY the Twinkle Bread (click for handout)
PLAY the Twinkle Peanut Butter (click for handout)

Continue our review exercises with your Practice Cards.

Practice Stepping Stones (click for handout)
Pizzicato: Anchor your thumb on the side of the fingerboard and pluck the string with your pointer finger OVER the fingerboard.
Use the bow: Think about your “elevator levels” for the right elbow.

Practice Copy Cat Song
Listen to another group playing it here!
You can play along with the piano part in our THSO Dropbox!

Theory homework: Rocket Ship (rhythms)

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