NEW this week: Make your Virtual Ensemble Recording of “It Is Well With My Soul.” DUE Wednesday, May 6.

(1) Tune your violin thoroughly before recording
(2) Dress nicely
(3) Make sure the backing track is in your ears (so that it is not picked up by the recording)
(4) Practice several times with the backing track in your ears
(5) Be sensitive to the fermata in m. 50. Hold it for about four beats. Violins: Be on time for your next notes. Violas/Cellos/Bass: After the fermata listen for the violins to play: 3 4 1 2. Then you enter. Listen carefully to the backing track in this spot and practice what you will do.
(6) Hold your final note super long and let your bow diminuendo and fade out when you run out of bow
(7) Be willing to record a few times and send Miss Joanna your best one!

Find backing tracks in the THSO Dropbox.

E-mail your video to or upload it to the THSO Google Drive here.

Sharks of Seville (Rossini/Monday) – on SMART MUSIC!
Learn entire piece!

Nordic Lullaby (Grieg/La Plante) – Part recordings in the THSO Dropbox!
Learn all.

Beethoven Symphony No. 5–Allegro (arr. Hoffman) – on SMART MUSIC!
Learn entire piece! Focus especially on knowing your notes on the second page.
*Practice with a metronome and count your rests aloud. Have your metronome between 110 and 130 for the quarter note.

Avengers Main Theme (Silvestri/Moore) – Part recordings in the THSO Dropbox!
Learn all.

Here is our Sinfonia Allegro Seating Chart for 2020. It includes both seating diagrams on one page! Check carefully to make sure that you print the correct music for your violinists who switch parts halfway through the concert!

Theory Homework
Sinfonia Allegro Aoff week
Sinfonia Allegro Boff week
Sinfonia Allegro C: off week

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