It was super to see you today! Check out our THSO Dropbox to play along with the piano on our songs!

For May 20: Think about what 2 pieces you want to play for our Virtual Recital on May 20. If you know already, have Mom or Dad send me an e-mail letting me know what you want to play as a solo!

NEW: Preludio Encouragement Project Challenge – Due Wednesday, May 13

NEW: Print Reading Lesson 4! It includes A, B, and C#!
Here is Lesson 4 of I Can Read Music.

Continue reviewing your Twinkle Variations. If you have not completed your chart to receive your prize, complete your Twinkle Variations Chart early this semester! We have a lot of new exciting music to discover this semester!

Jesus Loves Me
Learn all and try to play with the recording!
Play along with this recording in the meantime! Just click on “Jesus Loves Me”!

Hide and Seek
Click here to listen to the recording!
Learn and MEMORIZE entire piece with bow!
(Anchor your thumb on the fingerboard and pluck over the fingerboard for pizzicato.)

Hobby Horses
Learn the MEMORIZE entire piece pizzicato and with bow!

Theory homework: Amazing – LAST THEORY ASSIGNMENT!

For best printing results, click on the Homework date title at the top of the page to bring up the Homework post by itself. Then click this print button for a printer-friendly version.