Way to go on learning so many new things today!

Today’s NEW Activities:

(1) Bow Song. Sing back and forth with your child: “Where is the bow frog?” “Where is the bow tip?” “Adjusting screw?” “Thumb rubber?” “Silver winding?” “Bow stick?” “Bow hair?” “Don’t touch the BOW HAIR!”
(2) Violin String Song. (plucking the strings)

Eek, eek, eek! All the little
Ants, ants, ants! They are going
Down, down, down! Down into the 
Ground, ground, ground!

(3) Open and Close Elbow with Twinkle Rhythms. Straight left arm, right arm bent at left elbow (make a “square!”). Move back and forth from elbow to wrist on the Twinkle rhythms!
(4) Where is One Mouse? Hands behind the back. Bring out one at a time, making circles with thumb and fingers.

Where is one mouse, where is one mouse?
Here I am! Here I am!
How are you today, sir?
Very well I thank you,
Run away, run away!

Review Activities:

(1) Violin/Bow hand game. Draw a violin on their LH, and a bow on their RH. Quiz your student on which hand is which!
(2) Rhythms. Clap and say rhythms! Down your own copy of the Twinkle Rhythms here!
(3) Rest Position Song. Hold violin in rest position and sing the “Rest Position Song” to Twinkle Little Star.

Rest Position, feet in line,
Scroll in front is mighty fine!
Check your bridge ’cause it should be,
Peeking out at you and me!
Now it’s time to take a bow,
One and two and three is how!

(4) Bow hold bunnies. Match the 3 dots we drew on your fingers to make a bow hold bunny! Click under “Notes” of Poco Players and scroll down to access a lot of detailed pictures of the bow hold! Can your bunny hop, munch, and fall asleep?
(5) Up Like a Rocket. Place a pencil as a “carrot” between the “dots,” sing the “Up Like a Rocket” song. Make sure your bow bunny is smiling with the thumb bent out!

Up like a rocket, down like the rain,
Back and forth like a choo choo train.
‘Round and ’round like the great big sun,
Land on your head, curved pinky, bent thumb.
Up like a rocket, down like the rain,
Back and forth like a choo choo train.

(6) Egg Carton Bowing. Place an empty egg carton upside-down on left shoulder, just like the violin! Then place the bow through one of the slots and practice bowing rhythms with a straight bow.
(7) Bow Tunnels. Use a covered toilet paper roll and place it over the strings with the bow inside. Find your “Square” and then bow with a straight bow (perpendicular to the strings) in the tunnel.
(8) Rhythms on the E string. Try your bow rhythms on the E string! Have a parent pull your bow straight first, and then pull it after them!
(9) Tabletop Fingers. Place LH thumb under violin in playing position and the fingers bent on top like little tabletops!
(10) Bow hold on Bow. Practice your bow hold on the bow! Thumb on the silver, piece, curved fingers, pinky in the “pinky house,” bumpy bow thumb, round, curved fingers.

Theory homework: Fish (Open Strings)

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