March 31, 2021 Homework Sinfonia Allegro

Excellent work on sectionals today! Practice with your recordings below!

Scales/Arpeggios to review:
G, A, Bb, C, D, F (SA audition scales/arpeggios)

Bring your “Habits of a Successful Middle-Level String Musician” each week!

Brian Balmages – Wood Splitter Fanfare
Brian Balmages – Wood Splitter Fanfare
Practice the whole piece with a particular focus on accents and dynamics.


Soon Hee Newbold – Mythos


Beethoven/Hoffman – Allegro from Symphony No. 5
Review mm. 1-98.
NEW: Learn mm. 99 to end.
*Practice with tiny, crisp bows at the balance point. Try practice by skipping the whole notes/half notes and counting through them. This will help you keep the bow near the balance point. Smaller bows are better!
*Learn your notes.  Work hard and learn the correct notes as soon as you can! Listen to recordings and work hard on this piece!
First violins: Learn the bottom notes in mm. 23 to 28, even if you are an outside player. Listen here to these various part recordings:








Neuendorff/Conley – Wandern ach Wandern
Neuendorff/Conley – Wandern ach Wandern
(1) Practice your A major scale.
(2) Practice counting ONE two three FOUR five six SEVEN eight nine
NEW! Individual Part Recordings available below!
Wandern ach Wandern – Violin 1
Wandern ach Wandern – Violin 2


Jeffrey S. Bishop – Orange Jam
Jeffrey S. Bishop – Orange Jam
Review the entire piece! Focus on your rhythms and play with a metronome at 84.
*Focus in particular on mm. 37 to 44.
No divisi! Play both notes whenever you can!

Theory Homework
Sinfonia Allegro A: off week
Sinfonia Allegro B: off week
Sinfonia Allegro C: off week
Sinfonia Allegro D: off week


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