April 7, 2021 Homework Arioso

Way to go on all of our pieces today!

Here are the new Arioso seating charts for the new music! Be sure to check both since we are moving many of you around.


G, A, D, C – 3 octaves for violin
Ab, Bb, Eb, E, F – 2 octaves for violin

C, D, F, G – 3 octaves for viola/cello
Eb, E, Ab, A, Bb – 2 octaves for viola/cello

*Make sure to bring your Habits of a Successful String Musician book every week!*

Homework for this week:
Click the titles below to listen!

*NEW from Mrs. Foltz this week (3/31/21):
1) Practice measures and/or items mentioned or worked in sectionals.
2) Incorporate those refined spots into larger sections.
3) Practice for continuity with goals to play from point A to point B in tempo and without stopping. Practice transitions, going from section to section with fluidity.
4) Record yourself as is possible, then listen to the recording while following your part. Make note of positive results and of items to be worked. Then make a plan for practicing those items.

Menken/Kazik – Music from Walt Disney Pictures’ Enchanted
Here is the YouTube clip “That’s How You Know” that we talked about having you watch! Enjoy!
Focus on mm. 42-64
Review all.


Soon Hee Newbold – Orion and the Scorpion
Review mm. 1-145. Use a metronome in your practice. Rhythm is very important in this piece.
*Consider putting the metronome on and counting your music aloud (rather than playing it). There are some very tricky rhythms. Try to understand them and play them well!
NEW: Learn mm. 146 to 211


Borodin/Monday – Symphony No. 2, Mvt. 4
Review and work spots mm. 1-101
Practice mm. 101-end (a lot of this will already be familiar)

Mind the dynamics 🙂 Practice for dynamics.


Williams/Custer – John Williams Trilogy
Review mm. 78 to end (“Theme from Jurassic Park” and “Raider’s March”). Learn these measures really well!

Cellos: Practice carefully with a metronome for rhythms when you play on the “and” of 3. Listen carefully to the recording with your music in front of you so you can understand how your notes fit into the great texture.

NEW! Learn mm. 35 to 92 (“Star Wars End Credits”).

Since the recording above cuts out and doesn’t include the entire piece, here is a YouTube video that does include the whole piece:
Junior Orchestra of Montreal


Theory homework:
Arioso A: All for Strings Theory Workbook 2, pp. 24-25
Arioso B: Theory Time MS HS 2A, Lessons 16-17
Arioso C: Theory Time MS HS 2B, Lesson 19
Arioso D: Theory Time MS HS 3A, Lesson 16


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