May 5, 2021 Homework Accelerando

Wow! Congratulations on some great run-throughs today!!! Next week we will meet at Seminole Baptist Church (3330 Mission Road, Tallahassee, FL 32303) for our regular rehearsal time. Our concert is Monday, May 17!

Scales/Arpeggios to practice:
D major – 1 octave
G major – 2 octaves
Cellists: Here is a Video Tutorial on the 2-octave G major scale!
Violinists: Here is a Video Tutorial on the 2-octave G major scale!
C major 1 octave

Uni-Tunes book:
Study and learn at the end of the book: Scales & Broken Thirds
This week: C major scale, C major scale – Variation 1, C major scale – Variation 2, C major broken thirds

Practice ALL! Be sure that you count the rests! Practice with your recording below, as well as another instrument recording!
We have a “Gotcha” section: mm. 33 to 56
Violins 1 and 2: count carefully during pizzicato and quarter note bows
Violins 3 and Cellos: stay steady on your melody

Special Part Recordings Available for Adoration!
Adoration – Violin 1
Adoration – Violin 2
Adoration – Violin 3
Adoration – Cello

Secret Agent
Secret Agent (Kathryn Griesinger)
*”Gotcha” section: mm. 39-44. Play it 5x a day, counting carefully.
Make sure to practice with the recordings below! Practicing with the recordings is going to be so helpful in keeping together!


Nightrider (Richard Meyer)
*”Gotcha” section: mm. 44-73. Play it 5x a day, counting carefully.
Practice all.
Take some time to sit and listen to the recording with your music in front of you. Try to keep track of all of the repeats, endings, and the D.C. al Coda!


Hey Fiddle Fiddle
Hey Fiddle Fiddle (Brian Balmages)
*”Gotcha” section: mm. 33-40. Play it 5x a day, counting carefully.
*Be sure that you are saying all rests loudly in your head!
Here are the recordings we made on April 28:



Theory homework
Accelerando A:
 Drawing Whole Steps and Half Steps – last theory assignment of the semester!
Accelerando B: All for Strings Theory Workbook 1, pp. 30-32 – finish the book!!

Accelerando C: Theory Time Fifth, Post-test – last theory assignment of the semester!

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