September 15, 2021 Homework Accelerando

You all are such hard workers! I am proud of how far you all go each week!

Scales/Arpeggios to practice:
D major – 1 octave
G major – 1 octave

Technique fun:
“Grandma rides a motorcycle” (all sixteenths). A B C# D – then switch to a L2 (violins) or second finger (cellos) to signify the flat tire!

For later:
Cellists: Here is a Video Tutorial on the 2-octave G major scale!
Violinists: Here is a Video Tutorial on the 2-octave G major scale!

Uni-Tunes book:
[No writing finger names/notes in your Uni-Tunes book. You may write finger names and notes in all of your other music. Just no writing in the Uni-Tunes book so that it serves as a reading book for you!]

Study and learn mm. 65-96 in the D Major section of your Uni-Tunes book!

Dance of the Reed Flutes
Click here to listen to Dance of the Reed Flutes!
Review: mm. 1-18. Great work today!
NEW: Learn mm. 19-36. (It seems like a lot of measures, but do you notice a pattern?)
First and Second Violins: Watch out for low 2s!
First Violins: Watch out for low 1 on the E string!
Click here to listen to Dragonhunter!
Review mm. 1-17.
NEW: Learn mm. 18-37.
Eagle’s Pride

Theory homework
Accelerando A:
 Musical Alphabet
Accelerando B: off week

Accelerando C: off week
Accelerando D: off week

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