October 6, 2021 Homework Arioso

Well done on our “half-baked” concert today! Next week we start new repertoire! Listen at the links below.


G, A, D, C – 3 octaves for violin
Ab, Bb, Eb, E, F – 2 octaves for violin

C, D, F, G – 3 octaves for viola/cello
Eb, E, Ab, A, Bb – 2 octaves for viola/cello

Homework for this week:
Click the titles below to listen!

NEW Music for December 2021 Concert! Listen below at the links.

Leroy Anderson – Plink Plank Plunk

Mendelssohn – Sinfonia in D Major

arr. Longfield – Music from La La Land

arr. Morales – Most Wonderful Time of the Year


MPA Music – We will revisit this music in January and February

Ariosti/Clark – Vespasian Overture
Listen to the recording with your part in hand!
Practice your rhythms with a metronome.

Tchaikovsky/Meyer – Serenade for Strings
Practice all! Get ready for a run-through next week.

Soon Hee Newbold – Perseus
Listen a lot with your part in hand! (click above for recording)

Practice all! Get ready for a run-through next week.
Listen to this YouTube recording, and move the recording to the 4:00 mark. Try to count the time signatures with the recording as we did in class!



Theory homework:
Arioso A: All for Strings Theory Workbook 2, pp. 6-7
Arioso B: Theory Time MS HS 1B, Lesson 8 and Lessons 9-10
Arioso C: Theory Time MS HS 2B, Lesson 5
Arioso D: Theory Time MS HS 3A, Lessons 5-6
Arioso E: Theory Time MS HS 3B, Lesson 5

Arioso H: Theory Time MS HS 5A, Lessons 5-6


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