November 3, 2021 Homework Accelerando

You all did such a great job reading Ukrainian Bell Carol today! See below for more details!

Scales/Arpeggios to practice:
D major – 1 octave
G major – 2 octaves!

See tutorial videos below for the 2-octave G major scale:
Cellists: Here is a Video Tutorial on the 2-octave G major scale!
Violinists: Here is a Video Tutorial on the 2-octave G major scale!

Uni-Tunes book:
[No writing finger names/notes in your Uni-Tunes book. You may write finger names and notes in all of your other music. Just no writing in the Uni-Tunes book so that it serves as a reading book for you!]

Study and learn “Jazz in D” (page 5) in the D Major section of your Uni-Tunes book!

Eagle’s Pride
Click here to listen to Eagle’s Pride!
Review all!
Watch your part as you listen so that you can follow along on the D.C. al Coda.
Click here to listen to Wildfire!
Review all!
Check mm. 38 and 39. Play those measures 7x a day! Go slow first!
Dance of the Reed Flutes
Click here to listen to Dance of the Reed Flutes!
Review all! You can now play the entire piece!
Remember our dynamics in mm. 19-36: piano – mezzo piano – mezzo forte – forte
Play with “sticky” bows to make it sound more staccato
NEW: Ukrainian Bell Carol
Fantastic reading today! You all are incredible musicians!
Learn mm. 1-32 this week.
*If you weren’t physically in class 11/3, e-mail Miss Joanna for your part!

Theory homework
Accelerando A:
 Ledger Lines
Accelerando B: All for Strings Theory Workbook 1, pp. 10-11

Accelerando C: Theory Time Fifth, Lessons 8-9
Accelerando D: Theory Time Sixth, Lessons 12-13

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