November 3, 2021 Homework Poco Players

Great work on Copycat Song and Alligator Snap Snap today!

Pickle Song/Monkey Song Challenge:

It’s time for the Pickle Song/Monkey Song Challenge!
Print your Pickle Song/Monkey Song Coloring sheet.
Color in a “pickle” each time you successfully play a Pickle Song, and a “monkey” each time you successfully play a Monkey Song. When it is complete, bring it to class! I’ll ask you to play a Pickle Song and a Monkey Song for the class, and you’ll get the chance to earn your very own MONKEY!

NEW from 11/3:

(1) Sing the Twinkle Bread!
Here is a handout for the Twinkle Bread

(2) Listen to this version of CopyCat. Can you clap the rhythms that the violins are playing? Can you play along? Remember to “turn around” around between the rhythms!

(3) Alligator Snap! Snap!
Click here for a handout of Alligator Snap! Snap!
Here is a recording to listen to and play along with.

Review these songs/activities with your student this week:

(1) NEW Challenge: How old are you? Play the Pickle Song that many times each day!

(2) PLAY and SING the Monkey Song!
Here is a handout with pictures and words!

(3) Shy guy!
Draw “shy guy” on the outside edge of the left thumb. Practice moving him from underneath your violin to sitting gently on the fuzzy sticker!

(4) Open flight zone. When “shy guy” is on the “fuzzy,” check that you have an “open flight zone!” Keep left wrist loose and relaxed.

(5) Sing and PLAY the Pickle Song!
Here is a handout with pictures and words!

(6) Rock ‘n’ Roll:
Mississippi Hot Dog on the A string.
Mississippi Hot Dog on the E string.

(7) Where is One Mouse? Song
Keep fingers round and curved.

(8) Bow hold bunnies!
Practice with pencils, wands, etc.!
*Click on the “Notes” tab and scroll down to see pictures of my bow hand on a pencil!

(9) Up Like a Rocket Song (with bow bunnies on the bow!)

Up Like a Rocket, down Like the Rain,
Back and forth like a choo choo train,
‘Round and ’round like a great big sun,
Land on your head, curved pinky, bent thumb!
Up Like a Rocket, down Like the Rain,
Back and forth like a choo choo train!

(10) Rhythms on Arm
Left hand straight in front. Right hand on the elbow. Move between elbow and wrist on the rhythms. This teaches you how to “open” and “close” with your bow arm!

(11) Rhythms on the E-string!

(12) Rest Position Song (sung to “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”)

Rest position, feet in line.
Scroll in front is mighty fine.
Check your scroll cause it should be,
Peeking out at you and me.
Now it’s time to take a bow,
One and two and three is how. 
“Hello toes!”

(13) Rhythms! Clap and say our Twinkle rhythms!
Twinkle Rhythms – Condensed
Twinkle Rhythms – One Rhythm per Sheet

(14) Violin String Name song

Eek, eek, eek! All the little
Ants, ants, ants! They are crawling
Down, down, down! Down into the
Ground, ground, ground!

(15) Bow parts song

Where is the bow tip? | Here is the bow tip!
Where is the bow frog? | Here is the bow frog!
Where is the adjusting screw? | Here is the adjusting screw!
Where is the thumb rubber? | Here is the thumb rubber!
Where is the silver winding? | Here is the silver winding!
Where is the bow stick? | Here is the bow stick!
Where is the bow hair? | DON’T TOUCH THE BOW HAIR!!!


Theory homework: Cat/Flower/Bird Coloring Sheet (A-string notes)

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