November 10, 2021 Homework Arioso

Wonderful progess today!


G, A, D, C – 3 octaves for violin
Ab, Bb, Eb, E, F – 2 octaves for violin

C, D, F, G – 3 octaves for viola/cello
Eb, E, Ab, A, Bb – 2 octaves for viola/cello

Homework for this week:
Click the titles below to listen!

NEW Music for December 2021 Concert! Listen below at the links.

Leroy Anderson – Plink Plank Plunk
—Mark accents and sforzandos
—Practice emphasizing all sfz from rehearsal 9 to the end

Mendelssohn – Sinfonia in D Major
1st movement – Allegro
Review ALL of the first movement – check notes in the “fantasy section” while keeping it soft (mm. 33-45)
2nd movement – Andante
(1) Listen to the second movement with your score in hand. (Second movement begins at 4:20.)
(2) **Learn all notes in the second movement (Andante).
Violin 2 – Copy in your bowings here!
3rd movement – Allegro vivace
(1) Listen to the third movement with your score in hand. (Third movement begins at 8:50)
(2) Review all! Keep you bows at the balance point and subdivide 1-2-3-4-5-6 on the long notes.

arr. Longfield – Music from La La Land
-City of Stars ***
Viola Melody, Moving cello line

-Mia & Sebastian’s Theme
Conducted in 1 (practice with metronome: 1 measure per click)

arr. Morales – Most Wonderful Time of the Year
Listen with your score in hand! Get used to the “Waltz in 1”. Try to count aloud so that you can hear the inner “1-2-3” beats.
Review: mm. 127 to end
NEW: Learn 33 to 126 for next week!


MPA Music – We will revisit this music in January and February

Ariosti/Clark – Vespasian Overture
Listen to the recording with your part in hand!
Practice your rhythms with a metronome.

Tchaikovsky/Meyer – Serenade for Strings
Practice all! Get ready for a run-through next week.

Soon Hee Newbold – Perseus
Listen a lot with your part in hand! (click above for recording)

Practice all! Get ready for a run-through next week.
Listen to this YouTube recording, and move the recording to the 4:00 mark. Try to count the time signatures with the recording as we did in class!



Theory homework:
Arioso A: off week
Arioso B: off week
Arioso C: off week
Arioso D: off week
Arioso E: off week

Arioso H: off week


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