November 10, 2021 Homework Sinfonia Allegro

Good work today!

Scales/Arpeggios to review:
G, A, Bb, C, D, F (SA audition scales/arpeggios)

Sing We Now of Christmas (arr. Deborah Baker Monday)
Click here to listen to Sing We Now of Christmas!
Count the time signature with the recording as you listen! Can you keep up with the changing time signatures?
Review all!
Violins: Study your notes at G and H especially. Use small bows and keep the tempo steady.
*Accent the first note in each slur!
Two Sea Shanties (arr. John Mock)
Click here to listen to Two Sea Shanties!
Second movement (Banks of Newfoundland)
Practice with metronome!
Doug Spata – City of Steel
Click here to listen to City of Steel!
“Train” (2nds and violas measures 1-20) practice your part with a metronome. Emphasize strong beats if necessary.“Melody” (you know when you have it!) practice with metronome. Don’t slow down!
Violin 1: practice measures 37-53
Use a fingering to avoid string crossings if possible
Richard Meyer – Zoom!
Listen to the recording above while watching your music!
Review all!
***Focus especially on learning your notes well in mm. 105-123***

Theory Homework
Sinfonia Allegro A: off week
Sinfonia Allegro B: off week
Sinfonia Allegro C: off week
Sinfonia Allegro D: off week


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