November 17, 2021 Homework Poco Players

Nice work on all of our pieces today! We look forward to seeing you December 1 for our next rehearsal!

Pickle Song/Monkey Song Challenge:

It’s time for the Pickle Song/Monkey Song Challenge!
Print your Pickle Song/Monkey Song Coloring sheet.
Color in a “pickle” each time you successfully play a Pickle Song, and a “monkey” each time you successfully play a Monkey Song. When it is complete, bring it to class! I’ll ask you to play a Pickle Song and a Monkey Song for the class, and you’ll get the chance to earn your very own MONKEY!

Focus on these activities:

(1) PLAY the Pickle Song!
Here is a handout with pictures and words!

(2) PLAY the Monkey Song! Try it on both the A and E strings!
Here is a handout with pictures and words!

(3) Listen to this version of CopyCat. Can you clap the rhythms that the violins are playing? Can you play along? Remember to “turn around” around between the rhythms!

(4) Alligator Snap! Snap!
Click here for a handout of Alligator Snap! Snap!
Here is a recording to listen to and play along with.

(5) Sing and Play the Twinkle Bread!
Here is a handout for the Twinkle Bread

(6) Sing the Twinkle Peanut Butter!
Here is a handout of the Twinkle Peanut Butter


Theory homework: Christmas Story Coloring Sheet (A- and E-string notes)

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