January 19, 2022 Homework Accelerando

Welcome back to THSO in 2022!  Miss Miranda is so excited to work with you all!

Wonderful enthusiasm and hard work today!!   🙂

Scales/Arpeggios to practice:
D major – 1 octave
G major – 2 octaves
Cellists: Here is a Video Tutorial on the 2-octave G major scale!
Violinists: Here is a Video Tutorial on the 2-octave G major scale!

Uni-Tunes book: “Jazz in D”, review mm. 1-8

[No writing finger names/notes in your Uni-Tunes book. You may write finger names and notes in all of your other music. Just no writing in the Uni-Tunes book so that it serves as a reading book for you!]

Concert Pieces
Listen to each piece twice. First time, just listen. Second time, listen with your part in front of you and follow along.

Dragon Dances

Learn mm 13-20



Review mm. 1-9 (use a metronome! Beware of RESTS!)


Concert Suite

Learn “Pizzicato Party” mm. 1-8
Learn “Suite Sweet Slurs” mm. 1-9


River Shannon

Violin 1: learn mm 1-10
Violin 2: learn mm 19-27
Cello: learn mm36-43

Theory homework
Accelerando A:
 Draw the notes Part 2
Accelerando B: All for Strings Theory Book 1, pp. 16-17

Accelerando C: Theory Time Fifth, Lessons 14-15 

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