January 19, 2022 Homework Poco Players

Welcome back in 2022!!!

Wonderful work today.  Miss Fayth and Miss Ellen are so excited to work with you this semester!

For this week….


Be very familiar with clapping all rhythms! Play clapping games and take turns.  Also, play guessing games, where one person claps a rhythm and the other has to name the rhythm.

  1. Mississippi Hotdog
  2. Soda (shh!) Pop
  3. Down Pony, Up Pony
  4. Pineapple Pineapple
  5. Fuzzy Yellow Caterpillar

Pickle Song 🥒

  1. Practice Pickle Song using Rhythm A (“Do you want a Pickle” or “Mississippi Hotdog”)

Do you want a pickle,

On your ice cream sandwich?

Yes, I want a pickle,

On my ice cream sandwich.


    2. Practice Pickle Song using Theme (Blue Bird, Blue)

A A  E E  1 1  E

Monkey Song 🐒 on the A string!

  1. Practice Monkey Song using Rhythm A (“Do you want a Pickle” or “Mississippi Hotdog”)

I’m a little monkey,

Climbing up the ladder,

Climbing to the top to,

Pick a green banana.

AAAAAA 111111 222222 333333

333333 222222 111111 AAAAAA

    2. Practice Monkey Song using Theme (Blue Bird, Blue)

A A   1 1   2 2   3 3

3 3   2 2   1 1   A A


Theory homework: Rainbow (A and E strings) Coloring Sheet

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