January 19, 2022 Homework Arioso

Welcome back to Arioso in 2022!


G, A, D, C – 3 octaves for violin
Ab, Bb, Eb, E, F – 2 octaves for violin

C, D, F, G – 3 octaves for viola/cello
Eb, E, Ab, A, Bb – 2 octaves for viola/cello

*Make sure to bring your Habits of a Successful String Musician book every week!*

Review of MPA music

Ariosti/Clark -Vespasian Overture
Listen here!
Attilio Malachia Ariosti (or Frate Ottavio) (5 November 1666 – 1729) was a Servite Friar and Italian composer in the Baroque style, born in Bologna. He produced more than 30 operas and oratorios, numerous cantatas and instrumental works, including Il Vespasiano, from which this overture was taken. In this medium-level arrangement for strings and piano by Philip Clark, emphasis is placed on bowing to facilitate greater precision and a crisper sound.

Tchaikovsky/Meyer – Serenade for Strings
Listen here!

Soon Hee Newbold – Perseus

Listen here!



Theory homework:
Arioso A: All for Strings Theory Book 2, pp. 16-17

Arioso B: Theory Time MS HS 2A, Lessons 7-8 

Arioso C: Theory Time MS HS 2B [Print the part that corresponds to your instrument.]
Violin: Lesson 10 and Lesson 11
Viola: Lesson 10 and Lesson 11
Cello: Lesson 10 and Lesson 11

Arioso DTheory Time MS HS 3A, Lesson 11

Arioso E: Theory Time MS HS 3B, Lesson 11

Arioso H: Theory Time MS HS 5A, Lessons 10-11


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