January 26, 2022 Homework Sinfonia Allegro

Excellent job today!

Scales/Arpeggios to review:
G, A, Bb, C, D, F (SA audition scales/arpeggios)

Bring your “Habits of a Successful Middle-Level String Musician” each week!



Listen Here!

GREAT JOB today!!

Practice Measures 21-29

Cellos, non-divisi double stops in measures 22 & 26!

Violins, focus on switching between tremolo and non-tremolo notes

Practice measure 29-end


Violins & viola, focus on your sixteenth notes (printed as eight notes with double lines).

***Violin 1: practice 9-12 with separately bows. Work up the tempo.

Go back to your slower tempo and add in the slurs. Work section with slurs up to tempo.


Practice 17-21 for the high notes!


Pieces of Eight

Listen Here!

You made it through the entire piece in today!! Way to go!

Practice with a metronome and slowly work up the tempo.

We will be working on dynamics next week so notice your music’s markings!

A Musical Passport

Listen Here!

Hidden Passages

Listen Here!



Theory Homework
Sinfonia Allegro Aoff week
Sinfonia Allegro Boff week
Sinfonia Allegro C: off week
Sinfonia Allegro D: off week

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