February 2, 2022 Homework Accelerando

Great hard work today!

Scales to practice:

Review G Major (2 octaves)
D Major (1 octave)
these scales are both in your Uni-Tunes books if you want a visual aid!
Uni-Tunes: C Major p. 11 mm. 1-16
Concert Pieces:
Concert Suite (listen to each movement twice- once just listening, then once with your part in front of you)
II. Noah’s Arco: learn mm. 1-18
III. Suite Sweet Slurs: review mm. 1-17, learn mm. 18-25


Listen Here!

Epic (see if you can feel the rests silently now!)
review mm. 1-34
learn mm. 35-56

Dragon Dances

Listen Here!

review mm. 1-59
*Take a look at the score that is uploaded to this page.  What do you notice about it?  Try to listen to the piece while looking at the score*

River Shannon

Listen Here!

River Shannon:
  1. Keep working on your section’s melody solo part! (VLN 1: mm. 2-10, VLN 2: mm. 19-27, VCL: mm. 36-43)
  2. ALL SECTIONS: learn mm. 1-27
Reminder: Next week, guest instructor will be Miss Zoe!

Theory homework
Accelerando A:

Violin – Note Names

Cello – Note Names

Accelerando B:
All for Strings Book 1, pp. 18-19

Accelerando C: Theory Time 5th Grade, p. 16

Accelerando D: Theory Time, 6th Grade Packet, p. 16

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