February 2, 2022 Homework Poco Players

Great rehearsal today! You all worked so hard!!

Today we practiced our Violin Technique!  Keep working on it at home….

Practice getting your violin to your shoulder.

  1. Rest position
  2. Thumb on back, fingers on front (like table top fingers)
  3. Present!!
  4. Position! (Turn violin upside down)
  5. Bring to your shoulder
  6. Can you drop your violin arm to your side but still hold your violin up?

Gilbert 🐥

Keep your wrist straight so Gilbert can get to his home! Keep your palm open so Gilbert had a safe place to sleep!


Twinkle Rhythms

Be very familiar with playing all rhythms on open strings!

  1. Mississippi Hotdog  🌭
  2. Soda (shh!) Pop 🥤
  3. Down Pony, Up Pony 🐎
  4. Pineapple Pineapple 🍍
  5. Fuzzy Yellow Caterpillar 🐛


Work on the Twinkle Sandwich!

Twinkle Sandwich – Bread! 🍞

Pickle song

“Do you want a Pickle” or “Mississippi Hotdog”


Monkey song -going down

Silently and quickly put down 3 fingers on the A string!

“I’m a little monkey

Climbing down the ladder

Climbing to the ground to

Eat my green banana”

333333 222222 111111 AAAAAA

That’s the bread for our sandwich! 🥪


Sing and play the Twinkle Bread!
Twinkle Bread handout
Twinkle Bread audio with instructions
Twinkle Bread audio (music only)


Theory homework: Children Around the World

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