February 2, 2022 Homework Preludio

Nice work this week! You all worked so hard!

Twinkle ⭐

Practice all 6 rhythms with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (bread, PB, bread). 🍞 🥜 🍞

Our main goal for next week will be to CONFIDENTLY play through Twinkle on the rhythm Down Pony, Up Pony 🐎


Old Joe Clark

Practice first 4 measures

Line 1: Holland, Juliette, Aria, Brooke, Grant

Measure 1:  E   1    low2   1

Measure 2:  E   3   high2——-

Measure 3:  E   1    low2   1

Measure 4: E——  E——

Line 2: Thomas, Greg, Benjamin

Measure 1:  A   A   A   A

Measure 2:  A   B   A——-

Measure 3:  A   A   A   D

Measure 4:  1——  3——


Oh When The Saints

Practice first 5 measures.  Remember to start UP bow!

Measure 1: REST! D  2  3

Measure 2:  A——- (for four beats!)

Measure 3: REST! D  2  3

Measure 4: A——- (for four beats!)

Measure 5: REST! D  2  3



Theory homework:

Preludio A

Solve This!


Preludio B

Note Names

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