March 2, 2022 Homework Accelerando

Great Job Today!

Great job yesterday, everyone!  We had a really fun, upbeat, productive rehearsal. Keep up the good work!

Scales to practice:

Review G Major (2 octaves)
D Major (1 octave)
…….plus arpeggios!!
**Next week we will start working through the C Major Scale
these scales are both in your Uni-Tunes books if you want a visual aid!
Uni-Tunes: C Major p. 11
mm. 1-32 (make sure your F naturals are sour and stinky!)
Concert Pieces:
Concert Suite:
– review all of I. Pizzicato Party and II. Noah’s Arco (work any spots that are still tricky for you!)
– III. Suite Sweet Slurs- Practice the whole piece and listen to the recording! (take note of the tricky eighth note-dotted quarter note rhythm— we will talk about this together next week!)


Listen Here!

practice the whole piece!  Continue to think about our two contrasting, musical characters.  Pay special attention to dynamics this week. (staccato v. legato, accented v. non-accented)

Dragon Dances

Listen Here!

Practice all!! Review in-depth any measures that are still tricky for you, and play along with the recording

River Shannon

Listen Here!

– listen to this piece and respond to it!  Draw a picture or write a poem about what the piece makes you think of or feel
– work on the ENTIRE piece (use a metronome on quarter note = 84 to practice counting through all the long notes)
-Listen to the recording a LOT and get familiar with it!
-play along with the recording!

Theory homework

Accelerando A: Generic Intervals

Accelerando B: All for Strings I, pp. 22 – 23

Accelerando C: Theory Time 5th, pp. 19-20

Accelerando D: Theory Time, 6th pp 19-20

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