March 2, 2022 Homework Preludio

Keep up the GREAT work!

Music Note Reading

Practice the staff game at home with tape and a paper plate!  (or your own creation!)

Find: open G, open D, open A, open E, 1 on G (A), 1 on D (E), 1 on A (B), 1 on E (F)

Review Twinkle ⭐

Practice all 6 rhythms with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (bread, PB, bread).

Practice your hovering fingers!

Have your 3rd finger ready to go at all times—even when you’re playing an open string.


A major scale!

Start on A, end on A

A 1 2 3

E 1 2 3

And back down (hover fingers!)

3 2 1 E

3 2 1 A



Old Joe Clark

Practice all measures up to the repeat

Line 1: Holland, Juliette, Aria, Brooke, Grant


Line 2: Thomas, Greg, Benjamin


Oh When The Saints

Practice first 8 measures.  Remember to start UP bow!

Measure 1: REST! D  2  3

Measure 2:  A——- (for four beats!)

Measure 3: REST! D  2  3

Measure 4: A——- (for four beats!)

Measure 5: REST! D  2  3

Measure 6:  A —  (2 beats)   2D  — (2 beats)

Measure 7: D— 2—

Measure 8: 1———

Peanut Butter and Bread Challenge:  Complete the chart every time you play a peanut butter or bread and bring back your completed chart for a PRIZE!!


Theory homework:

Preludio A

Crazy Maze

Preludio B

Generic Intervals

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