March 9, 2022 Homework Arioso


G, A, D, C – 3 octaves for violin
Ab, Bb, Eb, E, F – 2 octaves for violin

C, D, F, G – 3 octaves for viola/cello
Eb, E, Ab, A, Bb – 2 octaves for viola/cello


Concert Piece: Fantasia

1st Violins:  Work on Pizzacato at home with metronome starting at m. 7.

Concert Piece: Narnia

Softer dynamics at the beginning, more vibrato.
The crescendos are nice, but the decrescendos need to be just as important. Exaggerate them!

Full bows starting at measure 44


Theory homework:
Arioso AOff Week

Arioso B: Off Week

Arioso C: Off Week

Arioso D: Off Week

Arioso E: Off Week

Arioso H: Off Week


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