March 23, 2022 Homework Accelerando

Great work Today!


Scales to practice:

Review G Major (2 octaves)
D Major (1 octave)
CM (1 octave)
…….plus arpeggios!!
these scales are both in your Uni-Tunes books if you want a visual aid!
Uni-Tunes: C Major p. 11 mm. 1-40 (make sure your F naturals are sour and stinky!)
Concert Pieces:
Concert Suite:
– review all (work any spots that are still tricky for you!)
-practice conducting along with a recording


Listen Here!

practice the whole piece!  Continue to think about our two contrasting, musical characters.  Pay special attention to bow strokes this week (staccato v. legato, accented v. non-accented).

Dragon Dances

Listen Here!

Practice all!! Review in-depth any measures that are still tricky for you, and play along with the recording

River Shannon

Listen Here!

– work on the whole piece!  Listen to the recording a lot to get familiar with it.  Get super comfortable with any melody parts that you have.

-play along with the recording!

Theory homework

Accelerando A: Intervals Part 3

Accelerando B: AfS I – pp. 24-25

Accelerando C: Theory Time Fifth_21-23

Accelerando D: Theory Time Sixth_22-23

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