April 20, 2022 Homework Sinfonia Allegro


Scales/Arpeggios to review:
G, A, Bb, C, D, F (SA audition scales/arpeggios)

Bring your “Habits of a Successful Middle-Level String Musician” each week!

Avengers:Listen Here!

Focus on 29-end – with a metronome!!

First Violins: practice your fingering at measure 17-21. Play the octave lower part first to hear the intonation.

Pieces of Eight:  Listen Here!

Practice with a metronome and slowly work up the tempo. (Goal is dotted quarter = 120)
Focus on the dynamics in your music’s markings — particularly very very soft pianos! Like 37, 55, and 62.
37-50: work on staying piano with just the one measure crescendos to forte, dropping immediately back down to piano!


A Musical Passport

Listen Here!

***Practice working on the time changes

Hidden Passages

Listen Here!

**Practice the tempo faster


Sinfonia Allegro A: AfS I – pp. 30-32 (3 pages)

Sinfonia Allegro C: Fifth page 28 AND Fifth – Post-test

Sinfonia Allegro D: Sixth – Page 26 AND Sixth – Post Test

Sinfonia Allegro D: AfS II – pp. 30-32 (3 pages)

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