May 4, 2022 Homework Preludio

Great to see you all today!

Our Concert is fast-approaching!



Twinkle, Twinkle rhythm

When the Saints Go Marching In

Old Joe Clark



Practice your hovering fingers!

—even when you’re playing an open string.



A major scale! — Pick your favorite Rhythm and practice the A scale!

Start on A, end on A

A 1 2 3

E 1 2 3

And back down (hover fingers!)

3 2 1 E

3 2 1 A



Old Joe Clark

Line 1: Holland, Juliette, Aria, Brooke, Grant

Line 2: Thomas, Greg, Benjamin

⭐️ really practice the second half of the song since it’s the most new!

We will add in the repeat next time, so practice going back to the top!


Oh When The Saints

Remember to start UP bow!

Stomp (march) for four beats when you have a whole note!

Measure 1: REST! D  2  3

Measure 2:  A——- (stomp for four beats!)

Measure 3: REST! D  2  3

Measure 4: A——- (stomp for four beats!)

Measure 5: REST! D  2  3

Measure 6: A— 2—

Measure 7: D— 2—

Measure 8: 1——— (stomp for four beats!)

Measure 9: REST! REST! 2  1

Measure 10: D— D  D

Measure 11: 2— A—

Measure 12: A  3—-

Measure 13: REST! REST! 2 3

Measure 14: A— 2—

Measure 15: 1— 1—

Measure 16: D—— (stomp for four beats!)

Measure 17: D! Short and dramatic 🙂



Theory homework:  ALL DONE!

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