August 31, 2022 Homework Poco Players


Great job in class today!


Here’s what you should work on this week:

  • Keep reviewing the parts of the violin at home! We’re going to play a challenging review game next week 🙂
  • Ape Song (the first letter of the repeated word= string that you pluck):
    • Each, Each, Each each and every
    • Ape, Ape, Ape learning how to
    • Dance, Dance, Dance so they can be
    • Great Great Great and can win a
    • Crown Crown Crown (cello)
  • Practice the Ape Song in rest and playing position (on the shoulder)
    • Remember, violins have E, A, D, and G strings, while cellos have A, D, G, and C strings
    • While in playing position, practice in front of the mirror to make sure your violin is parallel to the ground and you are standing tall! Remember, we stand as if we are the greatest violinists in the world.


Below is the Theory Homework for this week.  If you need it, click the link below and print it out.

Remember to turn it in next week into the white plastic bin!


Theory homework:

Poco Players – Bear Holding Flower

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