September 28, 2022 Homework Poco Players


Great job in class today!

Here’s what you should work on this week:

  • Practice making your bow hold 5x every day!  Remember that next week you have to pass the Olympic bow hold trials before we can do our relay races.  Refer to the diagram for a reminder of what your bow hold should look like.
  • Keep reviewing the Ape song!  Practice moving your elbow up and down to play the different strings.
  • Work on the stomp song in pieces.  Practice shifting your bow from just the E string to just A string.  Remember that to get the best sound, we want to bow in between the bridge and the fingerboard.

Below is the Theory Homework for this week.  If you need it, click the link below and print it out.

Remember to turn it in next week into the white plastic bin!


Theory homework: Baby Bird

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