September 28, 2022 Homework Preludio



Great work in class today!

Here’s what you should work on this week:

  • Practice playing open strings by opening and closing your right elbow.


  • Keep clapping and singing the Twinkle rhythms.  Once you’re comfortable doing that, start bowing them on the E string!


  • Use the concept of the Magic X to help guide your hand to the fingerboard.  The X can be written on the side of your left first finger.


  • See the picture of it for reference.  The Magic X is magnetic and attaches itself to the neck of the violin!


  • Keep doing all the left hand exercises we’ve done together- train tracks, hover train, tapping.


  • Start working on our Christmas concert songs!  I have all the notes and lyrics written out.  See how much you can do at home, and we will talk about them more next week 🙂


  • Review the spider monkey song and the first line of Twinkle



Theory homework: More Rests

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