October 5, 2022 Homework Accelerando


Great job in class today!

  1.  Next week, instead of regular rehearsal, we will be visited by a guest ensemble!  This gives you 2 weeks to start learning our new piece and keep polishing the others.
  2. Listen to each piece and follow along with your part in front of you!  Do this at least 4 times in the next 2 weeks.
  3. In Snowy Woods, pay close attention to intonation.  Write in where there is a low 2, a half step, or a natural sign.
  4. For all pieces, focus especially on where your section has the main melody.  Be prepared for your section to perform it in class in 2 weeks!

Scales to practice:

  • C Major (violins 1 octave, viola/cello 2 octaves) and D major scales
Scales to Practice
Concert Pieces:
    1. Metronome markings:
      Beyond the Thunder- quarter note = 115
      Accent on the Classics- quarter note = 120
      Snow Day!- quarter note = 125
Below is the theory homework for this week.  If you did not get it in class today, use the link below (unless you have a theory book) to print it out and complete it. Bring it to class next week and turn it into the white bin at the front of the class.

Theory homework

Theory Homework A: Note Name Speed Test (Have your parent or someone else time you)



Cello and Bass

Theory homework B: AfS I – pp. 6-7

Theory Homework C: Theory Time Fifth pages 5-6

Theory Homework D: Theory Time Sixth, pages 5-6

Theory Homework E: AfS II – pp. 6-7


**Theory Help: The Big List of Music Theory Terms**


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