November 2, 2022 Homework Accelerando


Incredible work so far!  I am so proud of our progress- keep up the good work.

  • Keep reviewing all our scales: C major, D major, A major, and G major
    • We are almost ready to add another one to our growing collection 🙂
    • Violins- make sure you differentiate between lo 2s and high 2s
    • Cellos- be sure you know when to play a note with third finger and when to use 2nd finger
  • Work on the pieces that you are the least comfortable with!
  • Practice 10 of the hardest measure from every piece each day.  Look for sneaky hard parts with lots of rests or where there are pattern changes
Scales to Practice
    1. Metronome markings:
      Beyond the Thunder- quarter note = 115
      Accent on the Classics- quarter note = 120
      Snow Day!- quarter note = 125
Below is the theory homework for this week.  If you did not get it in class today, use the link below (unless you have a theory book) to print it out and complete it. Bring it to class next week and turn it into the white bin at the front of the class.

Theory homework

Theory homework A: D String Notes – Select your Instrument Below

Violin D String Notes

Viola D  String Notes

Cello D String Notes

Bass D String Notes

Theory homework B: AfS I, pages 10-11

Theory Homework C: Theory Time Fifth, p. 8-9

Theory Homework D: Theory Time Sixth, p. 12-13

Theory Homework E: AfS II, pg. 10-11


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