February 1, 2023 Homework Poco Players



    • Keep doing your tennis upbows! Listen for your violin to ring.
    • Practice slow bows– time yourself with a stopwatch. How long can you play a string for?
    • Practice putting down your first finger on all the strings. Pluck to hear how it sounds different from playing an open string with no fingers down.
    • Next week we will start working on putting two fingers down at a time so we can start learning Mary Had A Little Lamb
    • Keep practicing your fancy person bow hold!
    • Start listening to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  We will be performing it with Preludio and piano on our May concert!
    • Video: Suzuki Violin Book 1: All Songs with Piano Accompaniment

Twinkle Rhythms Handout


Theory homework: Rainbow

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