April 26, 2023 Homework Arioso




Watch video (it’s the most similar version to what we are doing)

Try playing with the video

Cellos/Bass: work on staying VERY steady

Violas/Violins: Know your part well so we can bring the energy/speed needed to really showcase the contrasting sections.



Violins: practice 16th note sections! (Commit to a fingering to stay consistent)

Practice with metronome and make sure you are listening to the recordings of the movement so you know how your part fits in with the soloist, and know where your part is important vs where you should play much less.


Dress Rehearsal – Wednesday May 17, Immanuel Baptist Church – regular class time

SPRING CONCERT- THURSDAY May 18, Immanuel Baptist Church

First Concert begins at 5:30pm, featuring Poco Players, Preludio, and Da Capo Strings. Students in these ensembles arrive at 4:45pm.

Second Concert begins at 7pm, featuring Accelerando, Sinfonia Allegro, and Arioso. Students in these ensembles arrive at 6:15pm.

Please see emails from Miss Fayth for bowings on Hoffmeister.


Below is the Theory Homework. If you do not have a book, you will need to click on the link below, print out your homework, and turn it in next week.  You will have one week of theory homework and one off week, alternating.


Arioso Theory Homework:  LAST THEORY HOMEWORK!!!

Theory A: AfS pages 30-32 (3 pages)

Theory B: MS/HS 2A – L 22

Theory C: MS/HS 2B – L25 AND  2B Post Test

Theory D:   MS/HS 3A – L. 18

Theory E:   MS/HS 3B – Post Test

Theory F:   MS/HS 4A – L. 23


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