Welcome Back! August 16, 2023 Homework Sinfonia Allegro


It was wonderful to see you all today!


I’ll Be Bach– practice up to measure 26
Le Froid– prize for anyone who can accurately pronounce the name of the piece. Review beginning and practice new section up to measure 31.

Sinfonia Allegro Theory Homework:  Please click on the link to download and print your homework.  Students working out of All for Strings will have their own book and it is not linked here. 


Theory A: AfS I (All for Strings 1) – Inside Cover

Theory B: Theory Time Fifth_1_Pre-Test

Theory C: Theory Time Sixth_1_Pre-Test

Theory D: AfS II (All for Strings 2) – Inside Cover

Theory E: Theory Time MS/HS 1B – Lessons 1 and 2

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