August 30, 2023 Homework Accelerando

Welcome Accelerando!

Hi Everyone,
   I hope you all are staying safe this week! I will miss you all tomorrow but I am looking forward to seeing everyone back safe and sound next week. You all will be in my prayers.
If you all still have power tomorrow, or later in the week if not tomorrow, please do your best to go through the following videos/exercises. I promise this is not busy work. I did my very best to make sure it is a good use of everyone’s time.
1) Please watch my video on bows/bow holds/bow movements in its entirety, and please do try to follow along and do the shoulder bowing exercise at the end:
2)Listen to each recording at least 2x. The first time just follow along in your music while listening. The second time, air bow or shoulder bow along with the music. Big focus is on rhythm and listening while playing.
If this goes well and you have a loud enough speaker, you may also attempt playing along with it. Unfortunately I do not have the skills to change the speed of the recordings without altering the pitch, so use your best judgement to determine if your student should attempt this final step.
Brave Fires:
Trepak: This is a link to the site to purchase the sheet music, but you do not need to buy it. You can listen to the audio sample by clicking”listen” in the middle of the page.
 Cripple Creek:



Theory homework: Please click on the link to download and print your homework.  Students working out of All for Strings will have their own book and it is not linked here. 

Theory A: Clefs and Drawing Notes with Stems

Theory B: AfS I, pages 2-3

Theory C: Theory Time Fifth, Lessons 1-2

Theory D: Theory Time Sixth, Lessons 1-2

Theory E: AfS II, pages 2-3


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