August 30, 2023 Homework Arioso


Arioso- We are in the process of getting our music set with optional third violin parts.In the meantime, let us be diligent with the pieces we have. Know what sections you are struggling with, mark them, practice them, increase speed as needed. Mozart and Brazil are for the winter concert.
In place of class, watch this video:
Answer these questions:
1. Name one difference between the Baroque and Classical period.
2. What genres became standardized during the classical period?
3. Who coined the terms tonic, dominant and subdominant?
4. Name one Classical period composer.


Below is the Theory Homework. If you do not have a book, you will need to click on the link below, print out your homework, and turn it in next week.  You will have one week of theory homework and one off week, alternating.


Arioso Theory Homework:

Theory A: AfS II, pgs 2-3

Theory B: MS HS 1B Lessons 3-4 AND Lesson 5

Theory C: MS HS 2B Lesson 3

Theory D:  MS HS 3A Lessons 1-2

Theory E: MS HS 3B Lesson 2

Theory F: MS HS 4A Lessons 1-2


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