August 30, 2023 Homework Sinfonia Allegro


In place of class, watch this video and answer two of the questions she asks. Which of our pieces uses Baroque style? Write your answers down, put your name on the paper, and bring it to class.
Read through the Black Knight. We will begin that piece next week.
I’ll Be Bach- practice up to 52. You can read past this, but make sure you know the measures before 52 and mark the areas you need to work on. Practice those before you just play the entire piece. First violins specifically at measure 35-39, third violins at m. 39-44
Le Froid De L’Hiver- practice up to 39. First violins work on the dotted quarter note rhythms. second violins you begin the dotted quarter note rhythm at measure 24. Please practice this correctly. COUNT. Third violin notice your half rests at mm. 23

Sinfonia Allegro Theory Homework:  Please click on the link to download and print your homework.  Students working out of All for Strings will have their own book and it is not linked here. 


Theory A: AfS I, pages 2-3

Theory B: Theory Time Fifth, Lessons 1-2

Theory C: Theory Time Sixth, Lessons 1-2

Theory D: AfS II, pages 2-3

Theory E: MS HS 1B Lessons 3-4 AND Lesson 5

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