September 6, 2023 Homework Accelerando

Welcome Accelerando!

I am so glad everyone managed to stay safe with the storm. We continue to pray for anyone affected by it. It seems Tallahassee was very blessed to miss the worst of it.
Great job yesterday everyone! Barcarolle has some very tricky sections in it. Always practice tricky left hand sections slowly and listen carefully for intonation. If it sounds bad to you, trust your ear. I know many of you have already developed great musical listening, but sometimes forget to use it.
Next week we will focus mainly on the other pieces, but I will check mm21-47 to see if we have made any progress throughout the week. Please ask questions if there is something in your music you have never seen before, do not understand, etc.
Rhythm is our biggest focus this week.
Rests and long notes are the easiest thing to miscount. I want everyone to continue saying “rest” out loud at home. If you are able, also count the beats of long notes as you play (saying 1,2 for half notes, 1,2,3 for dotted half notes, 1,2,3,4 for whole notes (empty ones without stems). If this is too much to do while playing, see if you can get a parent, sibling, or friend to count for you.
This website is helpful for anyone who might be having trouble remembering which note gets what value. There are also other helpful music notation lessons/exercises on the site for anyone who needs them.
Rhythm Practice Strategy:
Any rhythm that you are struggling with I highly recommend to clap first. If this goes well, try on an open string, and then finally as written.

Cripple Creek:

Review all. We will run the entire piece next week
Brave Fires: Review 1-25, especially focusing on counting rests (say it out loud).
Cellos pay special attention to your rhythms at 9 and 10 (note the change in rhythm)
Measure 26-34
Step 1: Clap your rhythm with a metronome set on 70  Beats per minute
Step 2: Shoulder bow your part. I suggest singing to help keep track of the rhythm underneath the slurs
Step 3: Play your part slowly (feel free to bump that metronome downto 60 bpm)
Step 4: Only do after you are successful with the other steps. This could take a few days of practice and that is ok. Try to play up to 70 bpm and then gradually (add 5 beats at a time) work your way up to 90 bpm if that goes well.
Russian Dance: Be ready to Play until measure 40. Say Rest out loud as you practice.
Note the C naturals and G naturals: On violin and viola, this mean low2 on A and E. On cello this means 2nd finger on A for the C natural
New Notes:
C natural: low on violin and viola, 2nd finger on cello
D#: Low 1 for everyone on the D string. It will be below your first tape
G#: High 3 on D for violin and viola (it will be above your 3rd tape) and shift for cello (your first finger should shift to where your 2nd finger normally goes, and from there you will put down all 4 fingers. Don’t forget to shift back when G# is over)
Low C# for Violins: High 3 on G (will be above your 3rd tape)
1st Violin: 21-29 very slow practice for intonation and rhythm. Count out loud during long notes and/or use a metronome/parent to help you keep track.
2nd: 36-42  Very slow practice like we did in class. Don’t move on to the next note until the previous note is in tune. Watch out for C# (high3) and D# (low1)
Violas: mm 21-28 watch out for C naturals. Practice counting 37-42
Cello:21-28 for counting.  Say rest out loud an count long notes out loud.
29-37: G#. Practice that shift
37-47: Practice counting. Clap your rhythms while counting out loud!
Bass: Watch out for G# (low 1 on G) at 29-36
Practice counting at 37-47
Brave Fires:
Trepak: This is a link to the site to purchase the sheet music, but you do not need to buy it. You can listen to the audio sample by clicking”listen” in the middle of the page.
 Cripple Creek:



Theory homework: Please click on the link to download and print your homework.  Students working out of All for Strings will have their own book and it is not linked here. 

Theory A: Musical Alphabet

Theory B: Off Week

Theory C: Off Week

Theory D: Off Week

Theory E: Off Week


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