October 4, 2023 Homework Accelerando

Welcome Accelerando!

Listen to your songs every day if possible! I frequently practice (yes I practice too!) my orchestra music along with a recording, and find this really helpful especially if the piece easy to get lost in. If you are having trouble hearing it over speakers, you can try putting ear buds in.

You guys are starting to make some really good progress. I am so proud of the hard work you all have put in. Keep it up!

You all are doing a fantastic job on Brave Fires, Cripple Creek, and Nutcracker. Let’s try to refine these and get past just playing notes. This week let’s start trying to incorporate dynamics, more precise rhythm and intonation, and precise bowing on these, since they seem to be feeling more comfortable.

Barcarolle is not something you should attempt to do your practicing in class only with. Practicing individual parts should happen at home, and putting things together with a group is what we use class time for.

Everyone: Practice 71-end for counting and intonation. Really the whole piece should be practiced, but these spots need special attention

Vln 1: 21-29: make sure you get the C natural (low2)
63-71 for counting
77-85 for counting

Vln 2: 13-21 for counting (this is a great spot to practice along with a recording, you guys have a very tricky part coming in after the rest)
36-42 for intonation and bowing (remember how we practice it in sectionals)
61-71: counting the long notes, and intonation on C#(high3) and D# (low1)
71-77: intonation on C# (high3) and bowing
77-85: counting. Also a good spot to practice along with the recording

Vla: 44-55 for bowing and intonation
55-63 for counting and confidence!
71-77 for bowing and intonation

Cello:29-37 for counting and intonation (high 4 for G#). Great spot to practice with recording
43-47: C# and bowings
47-55: for confidence
55-63: D# (low 1) and bowing
71-77: C# (high 4) and bowing

Brave Fires Solo: even more confidence!
62-71: watch D#
29-37: G#s

Brave Fires:
Trepak: This is a link to the site to purchase the sheet music, but you do not need to buy it. You can listen to the audio sample by clicking”listen” in the middle of the page.
 Cripple Creek:



Theory homework: Please click on the link to download and print your homework.  Students working out of All for Strings will have their own book and it is not linked here. 

Theory A: Open Strings – Violin

Open Strings – Viola

Open Strings – Cello

Open Strings – Bass

Theory B: Off Week

Theory C: Off Week

Theory D: Off Week

Theory E: Off Week


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